Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What dose 2+2=?

A medical dose of 2 + 2 might not equal 4, depending on route of administration, hepatic metabolism, bioavailability, etc
4 and its does
4 or 22....
Your name explains everything. It's 4 by the way.
That would depend on what the variable (+) stands for... assuming (+) = 4, then the equation would be: (2)(4)(4). Using multiplication to solve the equation, the answer would be 32. :)
a dose of 2+2 means
two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening
I had a prescription for a salve that had the names of two substances written, followed by 2+2 mix, followed by bid rub in well. The pharmacist told me the 2+2 means two ounces of each of the substances mixed together. Doc's sure do use some strange notations...
2 tablets (capsules, pills or whatever) in the morning and 2 at night (2 every 12 hrs)
in what manner and what field. dose it matter!!! duh!
You are giving blondes everywhere a bad name, sweetie! I truly hope that you are doing this on purpose, but if not, then...well, I have no idea what to say!
your mother
BID X's Two days... Good Luck...

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