Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do u think about genetic engineering?, Are u against it or for it?

Genetic engineering promises cures for recalcitrant diseases. It must be encouraged.Fear of abuse is almost nil as any science can be misused. Aren`t Bible and Qoran misused?
For it 100%
cant very well be against it .when the bulk of humanity was originally created by these methods, by the Anunaki as a slave race to mine their gold for them,the reptilian brain in our heads is a souvenir of Anunaki genetics
The thought of removing faulty genes like those that cause sickle cell anemia is very appealing. However, there is also a high risk of abuse. For example you can custom make an "Aryan race" of 6 foot tall blond hair blue eye white people. So I am very hesitant to say that I'm for genetic engineering.
for it
It depends~ This is destined to do good for humanity.. unfortunatly, some are misusing... Genetic Engineering is like a double-edge sword.. if you use well, you can bring good or else...

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