Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you call a...?

doctor who specializes in finding cures?? What do they study?? What is a good school??
Doctors are applied scientists, and not actual founders of research (although some also do research, but this is independent to them practicing medicine). Researchers are typically grad students / research scientists at research oriented universities or industries in the fields of pharmacy, microbiology, biochemistry etc. Basically any research oriented university with funding is good (all the ivy leagues and many state universities .. some private schools also).
They specializde in research.
Specializes in finding cures? Well, a scientist wants to find cures but there has to be a particular field. As far as I know there are no general term.
Doctors usually don't find cures.....they usually apply things found out by basic science research and use that in their field.
If you want to do research.....you dont need to be a medical doctor for that. You could go for basic science research too.
There are all sorts of avenues. Often clinical research is done by practicing physicians in academic centers, so a cancer study would be done, or at least largely guided, by a doctor who is a practicing oncologist (cancer specialist) who treats patients, teaches medical students and residents, and also does research at a teaching hospital, just as an example.
There are many research labs around the globe that try to find cures for cancer or whatever. Just call them scientists or researchers. But there are some oncologists that also try to find cures for their patients as a part time thing. Oncology is the study of cancers. Oncologists specialize in cancer.

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