Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does wf mean?

in a medical chart under medications what WF means? for example: furosemide 20 mg tablet wf: lasix 20 mg tablet 1 tab PO daily?
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The accepted use and most common use of "wf" is "white female". "With food" is normally abbreviated as a lowercase "c" with a straight line drawn over it for "with" and food is normally written out. "ac" is used for "before meals" or "ante cibos" in Latin. "pc" is used for "after meals" or "post cibos" in Latin. Lasix (furosemide) does not need to be taken with food, so it doesn't make sense. One other guess is that the "wf" appears after the generic name furosemide and may be an abbreviation used by the pharmacy to identify the generic drug manufacturer, which is common after the generic name of a product, but normally would not appear in a written chart, since the physician would have no clue as to who makes the generics dispensed by the pharmacy. All these guesses would apply to the U.S. Other countries have abbreviations unique to their area, even if the chart is in "English."Rick the PharmacistRick the Pharmacist
with food I think....like you should take the medication when you eat
with food ??
WF is probably With Food.
PO is By Mouth (Per Oral)
With food is generally what it means. These types of medications can not be absorbed properly if you do not take it with food or it can cause stomach irritations. You can also try taking it with a glass of milk if you are unable to eat with it.
Come on!!! Are you serious???Good luck in med school...........;)

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