Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do u think?

if we look at our body we can recognize a very importent thing in our life..
even we can get close to know the reason why are we sitting here..
every little tiny thing in our body has a function to do..
every cell in our body .. every tissue,organ and system has a something to do in our body..
every single groove,notch,foramen,suture in our body is not a coincidence and has a big importance in our body..
ok..what if we combine all these elements in our body (with its great function) .. we will get a human being..my question is what is the function of the humen being ?
the function of any organism is to preserve it's genetic material, through 2 means:1. procreation, to pass along the organism's genes
2. survival of the organism, which means survival of it's genetic material.all the genetic traits which allow the organism to accomplish those two feats will then survive. so humans are just like any other organism- they only serve as receptacles for our genetic material to survive.
To prepare for an eternity with god.
The main function of the human body has been to carry around all its moving parts, ever since the cavemen. Unlike plants, humans (and most other animals) must move to find food and shelter and mates. All the rest is language where we can wonder why. A higher purpose is a human invention (that makes us uniquely human). Great question!
The purpose of the body is to serve the brain or the mind. The purpose of the human being is to procreate. The purpose of society is to advance so that as the population increases, we can learn to live together better, advance intellectually, improve our condition here on earth, and overcome the obstacles that threaten our very existence (politics, war, diseases, resources, and the eventual threat of armageddon).
I think we are a testing ground. Did "God", whatever you conceive God to be, make us? If so why? About the only thing that all the religions seem to agree on is that we were made by God in his image. Well if that's tue why don't we all look the same - weren't we cloned?Maybe we are part of some weird experiment by Aliens.
To find another to Love, experience and grow old together...Good Luck...
You say that every part of our body has a function...what is the biological function of the hymen??? Scientists haven't discovered yet...

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