Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you do if someone has head truma? Do you give that person cpr, and what can you do?

If someone has fallen and have the brain matter on ground, what can you do to save that prson? Also, can you give tht person CPR if they are still breathing?
Leave the person alone and call the emergency medics immediately - do not move or attempt to touch the person.I would not give CPR because you might move some bone fragments that are around the brain.The person is dead or dying if there is some brain matter on the ground. Do not touch the person get assistance.
if someone truly has brain matter on the ground, they aren't likely breathing.....that is sure sign of death....but if you think they are breathing......here is a good rule of thumb to remember....you can't kill a dead person...so do what you gotta do.
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation should be given if the heart has stopped...rescue breathes if no breathing. (check airway and do sweep with hooked finger)Brain matter on ground is most likely a dead person or very soon to be dead.You can give CPR while breathing, if heart has stopped.(only chest compressions) Note: Breathing will soon stop also

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