Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does the ++ mean after Ca++?

It refers to the calcium ion's valency, having positive-charge of 2
This means bivalent positive ionThe Ca (calcium) has lost 2 electrons
it means that the valency of calcium is 2,or in other words it has lost 2 electrons from the valence shell
It means there are more protons present in the nucleus than there are electrons in the electron cloud, specifically, by 2
What you probably mean is Ca2+. This means that the calcium ion has given up two electrons, and since electrons possess a negative charge, then giving away two will conversely give it a positive charge of +2.Hope that answers your question...
It's a divalent cation. High school and college chemistry turn out to be useful in medicine every now and again.
That's the valence of calcium. It means that calcium ion carry a +2 positive charge

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