Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you think of this short description of hell?

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You didn't mention SSRIs. Why is that? I remember a couple of years ago, i came across an article that claimed that certain anti-depressants can and do actually increase addiction. I wonder what you think of that.
You should see your doctor if you are thinking of commiting suicide since you may have a brain chemical imbalance that is disrupting your awareness such that everything seems bad when it is in actual fact good.
I'm sorry you've had an unpleasant experience.Try finding another doctor, to get another opinion, if you think your current medical team are not acting appropriately.
And what is your animosity towards antidepressants ? They make people happy...at least that's all I can tell from people I've seen on them.
and it's bupropion hydrochloride btw (just yankin' yr chain) :p
Well, I think sometimes those things can be hell. It can take your doctor quite a few tries before they find an antidepressant for you that your body can actually tolerate fairly easy. So many of the antidepressants can cause awful side effects but please stick with it and work with your doctor to find one that is right for you.

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