Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does a doctor need to prescribe medicine and referrals?

What enables a doctor to prescribe medicines and give referrals? Is there some federal organization that allows them to legally do this?
Medical licensure is at the state level. Drugs and their prescription are controlled to varying degrees by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.
These laws began to be developed about a century ago, when doctors were typically poor and had no political clout. It isn't as if they are responsible for the restrictions, which are public health measures to limit the number of stupid things people can do to themselves. If you want to shoot up heroin or radiate yourself into a case of thyroid carcinoma, I couldn't care less, but we owe it to people who need antibiotics, for instance, to limit their use, so they'll work when they need to work. That's a problem even with restrictions.
And with that arrogant attitude of yours, I beg you not to show up in my emergency department. The work's hard enough without having to overcome your misperceptions.
A degree from a university...?
Perhaps a PHd... or a MDNot sure... about ur questions..

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