Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does heartburn do to u?

Heart burn will make your heart feel like if it is burning but this is not the case.Heart burn occurs when the cardiac sphincter in our stomachs fails to keep the acidic juice (pH 2) from going back up to our esophagus. Imagine that! So your stomach has a little door that is never to let acid out because it will hurt your esophagus, once in a while though, this door called the cardiac sphincter opens up a little and leaks very acidic acid. The acid goes up your esophagus and on its way, it is so acidic that it causes a burning sensation, especially in the area where the heart is.I hope you have understood with this mini explannation. A common way of counteracting this if you don't want to use medication is to simply place some bread or crackers in your mouth and eat them. The reason why this foods will allow the acid from continuing to hurt you is because they will injest the acid and take it back to the stomach, plus, when they enter the stomach they will make its environment less acidic and so the pain will go away.
It's stomach acid in your esophagus
It hurts! There is a burning sensation in my throat and chest. And you burp a lot.
Heart burn - AKA GERD ( gastroesphageal reflux disease) can harm your esphagus as well as your pharynx ( throat). It can also cause swallowing difficulties as well as voice disorders such as hoarseness.
i think it gives you a burning sensation on the chest and hurts like hell and makes a horrible taste in your throat but is harmless.......you need tabs for it ......you may throw up a load of crap off your chest into the street and feel heeps better
i don't know what it does, but i know that chewing gum can actually help ease the pain. It sound weikrd, but it has something to do with saliva and chewing.

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