Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does DO mean when it follows a doctors name, what is his field/specialty?

Doctor question.
D.O. after a doctor's name means "doctor of osteopathy". The main difference between the D.O. and M.D physicians is that D.O.s have been specially trained to perform osteopathic manipulations on patients. They also have a more holistic approach; they view the patient as a 'total person" and focus on preventative care.
they are osteopathic doctors. hence DO.
they are kind of like a cross between an MD and a chiropractor
DO means "Doctor of Osteopathy". It is a type of doctor, similar to MD, which stands for "Medical Doctor." The training is similar, however there are some differences. I think DO's take a somewhat more holistic/less traditonal approach; many of them are trained in chiropractic. Both MD's and DO's are equally qualified.
DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathy. As for what that is, I'd suggest looking up "osteopathy" in Wikipedia.
100 years ago,there was a difference, now there is little difference. TheSchools of osteopathic Medicine kept the name"Osteoopathic" and their grads are Doctors of osteopathy. There are over 100 schools of medicine,. who grant an MD degree, but only about 12 colleges of Osteopathc medicine, who grant the degree, DO. In the eyes of the law, they are equal.
Doctor of Osteopathy.

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