Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do i need to know to become a doctor? Like what Do I need to study?

What do I need to study to be a doctor? Like Health Hman body . Like what organs do. I no all that stuff but a%26#92;what about other stuff? Is there anything that i can study before going in to university so i no everything and i don't have to study a lot overthere. I am in High School. So please can you tell me as much as you can I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you
If you're in high school, did you like biology and chemistry? Are you taking AP Chemistry? or AP Biology? If you are in college, you will need to take at least Organic Chemistry. I recommend that you also take genetics, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and any anatomy (comparative is preferable) class you can. Cell biology is important too.No matter what classes you take in high school, you'e going to have to study alot through college, medical school and afterwards. One of the meanings of the word doctor is teacher and the first person you must learn to teach is yourself.
ahh....so you want to study medicine ,,,,,well i am in an international baccalaureate High school and i am a second year medical student....i would really like to help you more in deep.....about what to study....you try to concentrate about genetics and microbiology....some zoology and botany....i have names of books, sites and stuff if you want to..... we could exchange knowledge.....what university you wanna go..... i want to enroll in Well Cornell university of medicine
come harvard with me anyway u haf to study medicine
sorry, but no matter what you study in high school, your gonna have to re study in college. And actually somethings you learn in college will be the exact opposite of what your high school teachers taught you. As far as courses to complete you're gonna have to talk to an academic counsler at the university you choose. Good Luck!
Get in your basic sciences in high school. If you're in the US, when you get to university, you can plan your premedical curriculum with your advisor and a survey of the AAMC website, where the various medical schools list their pre-requisites. You will have to study a lot. You have no idea how intense a medical education is. A semester in medical school crams in several times more learning than your entire high school curriculum, so if you don't like study, it's time to alter your plans now.
I am a former pre-med who is now planning to just get her PhD in neuroscience.In college, there are four basic sciences that are required for premeds:General biology/lab - two semesters
Inorganic chemistry/lab - two semesters
Organic chemistry/lab - two semesters
Physics/lab - two semestersMost medical schools require one or two semesters of calculus, English, and some will also require biochemistry during your undergraduate years.You will not be able to get out of studying - I hate to burst your bubble, kiddo, but you have to study, because universities do not and should not tolerate laziness.

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