Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does an RN do?

RN's do many different things. Basics include checking vital signs, taking client's (a newer term for patients) health history, and doing comfort care. They also administer medications. A nurse is the patients last line of defense against medication errors (giving something that they do not need, something that would interact with a current med being taken, etc.) They should also be advocates for the client. Sometimes Docs will order a test to be done which is inappropriate for the client. What a nurse does greatly depends on what field he or she decides to go into.A nurses job is to take care of the client and his or her family as a whole while a physician just tries to treat the illness or injury, NOT THE PERSON.It is hard do describe everything that nurses do, but it takes certain kind of person to be an awesome nurse.
What?...you've never been to a hospital?
.....they don't have "Registered Nurses" where you live?
RN is an abbreviation for Registered Nurse. They usually have duties dealing with treating and educating patients, making the public aware of medical conditions and sanitary methods, and giving advice and support to patients鈥?family members.
rn-registered nurse usually is assigned to supervise an area or floor in hosp. they do iv's and assist docs with major concerns. more knowledgable than lpn's-licensed practical nurse

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