Sunday, October 25, 2009

What determinnes breast size in a woman?

Amount of hormones, or body fat index?
Seen skinny women flat as boards,,,and seen skinny women stacked...what is the reason.
Implants dont count!
It almost completely depends on genetics, followed by the amount of growth hormone the body produces during puberty. Body fat does count, however, it's an external factor. If you were to lose weight or weightlift, you would burn the fat content in your breasts, reducing their size.
genetics and body fat.
mostly genetics...o yeh and if u get pregnant they get bigger
yes, definitely genetics play a big factor, and also how big a woman is in terms of body size. with more body fat you are more likely to have bigger breasts. for the women you see who are slender but have non-implant sizeable breasts, that will be because of their genetics.
Genetics and nursing
genetics and body fat

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