Sunday, October 25, 2009

What cold medicine can I take if I am currently taking Naprosyn and Lorazepam?

I am taking Naprosyn and Lorazepam for the headaches I have been getting. However since everyone here at work is sick and sneezing, it seems I caught the bug too. What OTC medication can I take that won't interfere with these 2 drugs?
The only OTC cold medication you should definitely avoid is Aleve Cold %26 Sinus, as it contains naproxen sodium - a salt of the naproxen you are getting from your Naprosyn. Also, you might want to check for the antihistamines chlorpheniramine and brompheniramine as they could make you very drowsy in combination with the lorazepam. Most night-time OTC cold medications have one of these antihistamines, and they are known to have a moderate interaction with lorazepam. When combined, it could result in CNS or respiratory depression, although this is a higher risk for elderly patients or people who have a serious illness. If you decide to take a product with one of these antihistamines, be sure you don't have to drive or "operate heavy machinery" as the labels say. You can check with your doctor or pharmacist to confirm this.
You really need to ask your doctor or a pharmacist about possible drug interactions and what drugs you can take together, not strangers on the web.
Headaches is not one of lorazepam's proper uses. Talk to your doctor about that one. If you have a cold with a runny nose, you really don't have to take anything at all. Especially anything labeled as an "immunity booster" (which are simply expensive placebos).Lorazepam is a sedative, so it would be ill-advised to take anything else that could be sedating, such as liquid cold remedies (they frequently have alcohol) and antihistamines. Try Afrin or Intal for nose symptoms, Delsym for cough (though really there is NO cough medicine that works for colds). Cough drops. And most important of all, just let your cold run its course. See your MD if not better in two weeks, or if you get sicker.
Take any or none.Frankly there is no such thing as 'cold medicine'. There is only stuff that eases the symptoms when you have a cold, not anything that will prevent you from catching it.One exception: Zinc has been shown to have a slight effect on cold virus. It only works when it's in contact with the virus, so coughcandy containing zinc won't harm you. The effect is slight at best.
Try Cold Eze Zinc lozenges or some other type of zinc lozenges in the form zinc gluconate containing at least 13.3 mg desolved in your mouth every two waking hours for the duration of your cold symptoms. Several years ago I read an article that reported it would reduce the average cold symptoms from7-9 days down to 3-4 days. I tried it and it has worked for me everytime since. If I catch the symptoms early enough I can stop the cold the very same day I feel it comming on. You may read more by going to the following web site.
Hope you feel better soon
Be careful of lorazepam, it is very addictive and you can get bad withdrawal effects. It is a benzodiazepine. Try to get a non-drowsy preparation if you are taking anything then it shouldn't interact. Speak to a pharmacist about the drugs to see if there is any interaction.

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