Sunday, October 25, 2009

What can interfere with a drug test and cause you to test positive for ecstasy or MDMA?

I have a friend who tested positive for ecstasy when given a drug test. She hasn't done any ecstacy, but she has done other drugs. What can cause you to test positive for ecstacy?
When anyone takes a illegal drug they really do not know what they are taking. I think that includes a prescription drug that is illegally taken. One can read the bottle and if it is not theirs they do not know if the person that owned the prescription has changed the drug in the bottle. The person who gave her the drug may have not known, or could have that is the chance anyone takes that uses drugs. I know of nothing besides ecstasy to show as ecstasy in a drug test so she may have been mislead and now she needs to learn what the drug does to women . It sounds like she needs a lot of knowledge on the long term affects of drug use on the bodies of male and females. Addiction is not something that one can get rid of. If your friend enjoys not being in her real world and uses drugs to escape it then most likely she has a problem. Try to get her to get help and if she doesn't there is nothing you can do. Good luck with your friend and try to wise her up in life.
Sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and of course ecstacy or MDIMA
obviously she did not know exactly what it is she was taking , because if she tested positive for it, then she took it.

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