Sunday, October 25, 2009

What careers/ specialties in medicine are there for those who are curious and creative?

maybe something in a lab, like research.
One interesting career in the healthcare industry is the Medical Illustrator. If you have the artistic skill and an interest in all things medical, this job may be suitable for you.Excerpt from wikipedia:
A medical illustrator is a professional artist with extensive training in medicine and science who interprets and creates visual material to help record and disseminate medical, biological and related knowledge. Medical illustrators not only produce such material but function as consultants and administrators within the field of biocommunication.They create medical illustrations using traditional and digital techniques which can appear in medical textbooks, medical advertisements, professional journals, instructional videotapes and films, animations, computer-assisted learning programs, exhibits, lecture presentations, general magazines and television. Although most medical illustration is designed for print or presentation media, medical illustrators also work in three dimensions, creating anatomical teaching models, patient simulators and facial prosthetics.
85% of diseases have no cures. Even the cause of several diseases is not known.
If you are creative and if your research discovers cause or cure of a few diseases , nothing like it .
Any speciality/superspeciality has ample scope for curious/ creative genius.
Best of luck.

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