Sunday, October 25, 2009

What are the names of some of the joints in the human body?

The only one that pops into my head is ball-and-socket. Do you know the names of the other joints? Thanks.
There are many types of joints. Remember that a joint is an articulation, which means it's a union between 2 or more bones or parts of bones of the skeleton. Synovial joints are articulating bones that move freely on one another. They are the most common types of joints, and they're classified according to the articulating surfaces and/or the type of movement they permit. The types of synovial joints include:
1. Pivot joint (e.g. atlantoaxial joint), where a bone rotates inside a hole of another bone.
2. Ball and Socket (e.g. hip joint), a rounded head fits into a concave pocket.
3. Plane joint (e.g acromioclavicular joint), where 2 flat bones glide against one another.
4. Hinge joint (e.g. elbow joint), where allows your arm to bend.
5. Saddle joint (e.g. carpometacarpal joint), where saddle-shaped heads of bones connect.
6. Condyloid joint (e.g. Metacarpophalangeal joint), which allows your fingers to bend.
fattys or blunts
there is gliding, hinge, immoveable, pivot, saddle and fixed..hope this helps.
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