Sunday, October 25, 2009

What can i be after i have a degree in Pharmaceutical?

Help needed !! thanks!!
You can be a pharmacist (seems pretty obvious), who prescribes medicine to patients to help "make them better".
You could work in the capacity of a Biochemist at a Biotech company, you can work for a Pharmaceutical company or you could go on to grad/professional school to become a Pharmacist.
It is true you can be a pharmacist (with a PharmD), but pharmacists do not prescribe medication, they just make sure that the patient gets the right medication from the doctor(MD). There are other jobs in the R%26D fields with product development. drug sales representatives sometimes come from the Pharmaceutical area as well.
I am assuming that you mean "Pharmaceutical Sciences" which means that you can work in an R%26D setting. Universities typically divide their Pharmaceutical Sciences program into 2 tracks - you either focus your education in the areas of medicinal chemistry and pharmacology - working on the development of new "drug substances", or the area of industrial/physical pharmacy - working on the development of the "drug product" (the tablets, capsules, and other dosage forms). If you have a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, you will not be licensed to practice either Pharmacy or Medicine, although you can go on to work in either of those fields through further graduate studies.

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