Sunday, October 25, 2009

What are the physical characteristics of adult mind development?

When learning or reading new concepts %26 formulas, what causes physical pain or a tightness in the brain? Is this the actual development of wrinkles on the cerebrum? Is it a lack of electrolytes, or burning of material, hormone, realignment of brain cells, or the actual feeling caused by rapid firing of the synapses? What causes it? Is it a result of eye strain, lack of blinking more regularly or "hyperfocusing" (actually developing the habit of holding open the eyes while reading new ideas/learning thus not blinking at the risk of losing the train of thought or concept/stream of consciousness? Although I have a well developed short term memory, hyperfocusing helps to take concept from paper/website and commit it quickly to long term memory. Is there any documentation or studies on this? The pain/ache feels like an actual strain or stress that even tightens up the scalp to the point of noticeably more hair loss. Can one take supplements or eat anything besides caffeine? Please help.

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