Sunday, October 25, 2009

What are the side effects of amtriptyline I taking it? it making so dizzy and makes me feel faint to the point

where I feel like I goint to passout and I feel tried I was put on it for mirgraines but I wonder if I should be taking it. I know antidressive can make you feel better because some of them have a pain medicine with there a way you can tell me the side effects. is there anything you can do to help me?
otherwise known as big reds...on the streets some people take them to sleep for long periods of time while in jail...but they make you psychotic like most experimental psych-meds...only cannabis can help in the cases of people I have known... throw them out!!p.s. get another doctor or opinion cause it is not a migraine drug!! it is a psych-med for people with schizophrenia
One common side effect is leg tremors.
go to and for all your answers.
The brand name of this drug is Elavil, it is an anti-deppressant and it is also used to help people sleep. You should only be taking a large dose, over 50mg at night. I you are taking it during the day, hold off and take it before bed.

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