Sunday, October 25, 2009

What can i take for a strong headache ,other than ibuprofen?

can't s;eep because of strong headaches at night.
it might be better to determine what type of headaches they are and what is causing them. for instance, caffeine withdrawl (drinking lots of coffee or soda in the morning, then withdrawing) is a common cause of headaches.
Excedrin...Excedrin Migraine
Excedrin and tea
Alleve works well. I would contact your doctor though if you are having headaches to the point where you can't sleep
DOLONOX is the best one is dispersal one.
Aspirin, Tylenol
Chamomile tea
Find out what is causing them, and what type of headaches they are. Then it is easier to choose a course of action.
I swear by Excedrin Migraine. Nothing else works for my headaches (which for me a standard headache is as painful as a migraine) and this works very well.
Tylenol, Asprin, caffeine, naproxen, ketoprofen, paracetamol....
Darvocet [RX] works well for me .This has been a long stand-by for years. Just ask your doctor to give you a script and try it . I can't take ibuprofen b/c of stomach problems, and this doesn't bother that at all.
analgesic will do
Aspirin (520 mg), Acetaminophen (260 mg), Caffeine (32.5 mg)
This is what is in Goody`s powers and works great
Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck.
Headaches can be caused by minor problems
like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more serious reasons
like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can
have harmful side effects, so it is better to
modify your lifestyle. More information available at

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