Sunday, October 25, 2009

What could possibly be wrong with me? i am 24 yrs old.?

ok, the past couple of weeks, i have been very very constaped. Yesterday i took 2 laxitive pills that have 25mg of Sennosides USP in them to help with my problem, later last night and into this morning my stomach starts to hurt and tell me thats is time to go. i try and try until finally i do my business, cept that i had to strain like it was nobodys business to get it out. And when i looked down in the toilet, my droppings were like little bity nuggets instead of just a couple long droppings. Also it was bloody. Now the nugget thing and the blood thing has happened off and on for like 3 yrs now, i thought i would have a hemmoroid, but had that checked out and i did not. It has been hard to have a b.m the past 3 yrs, but the past week it has been worse.I had a scope done on my stomach about 2 mnthsa ago cause i also had very bad heartburn and they said that i had a inflamed stomach, gastro- something. Should i go get a scope done, i also take methadone, i have been on for 2 yrs.
First off, I would ephasize that you need to be evaluated by a doctor. Blood in the stool is something you should not ignore - it can be a sign of a lot of different things: hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, IBD (inflammitory bowel disease), infections, diverticulosis, etc. In your case, it sounds very suspicious that your constipation is because of the methadone - opiates (which methadone is a very strong example of) all cause constipation. Severe constipation can cause hemorrhoids or rectal fissures due to straining, which you may have. However, you need to have it evaluated - most likely by a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. SEE YOUR DOCTOR!Few other things - the condition your talking about in your stomach is called gastritis. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) should not cause blood in your stool, unless something else is going on such as hemorrhoids or fissures. More information about your case would be valuable - any weight loss? Abdominal Pain? Family history of any colorectal cancers or GI problems? And why are you on methadone at the age of 24?PS - I'm a doc...
You haven't mentioned your diet but my advice would be eat lots of raw fruit and veg, wholewheat foods, general healthy stuff. And get off the methadone.
Go get a scope done. You MAY have what is called Fecal Impaction... where not even laxatives can help out. Or... it could simply be your diet. Try eating more foods rich in fiber. Sometimes a colonic can really help too. My suggestion... get into your doctor right away. If you let this go too long, serious problems (ie... colon cancer) could be just around the corner. Try a specialist. They will know more about the issues at hand than a regular M.D.
laxatives are habit forming. the more you use the more you have to use. Fiber and stool softners are a better answer.
Also did you tell the doctore you are taking methadone. This is very important. It could be the cause of your problem. Your doctor can not help you if they do not have all the info.
second they would be inserting a tube threw your rectom this time not your stomache. It is your intestens that need to be checked for tumors. From the sounds of it expecially with blood this is what I would recomend. Talk with your doctor now.
If you haven't seen a Doctor about blood in you stool, then I would HIGHLY suggest doing so. I would also agree that you more than likely need a lot more fiber in your diet. The fiber therapy stuff does work, but you also should eat some natural fiber stuff as well. Green veggies are good and well as high fiber cereals etc.
So Sorry your having all this problem, I can empathize with you ,you may have what is called IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome, not a good thing to have, but FIRST you need to see a Dr. there's lots of medicine to treat it and make you feel comfortable.It will only get worse if left untreated. have your family doctor send you to a specialist if he/she cant seem to diagnose you correctly. I was 26 when I was first diagnosed. I'm now 48 and am doing just fine with a corrective eating habit and only occasional meds for the flair ups.Good Luck
the methadone will plug you up. if the blood is dark it is usually higher up in the colon, if bright red it is probally lower, go get it checked out, especially if u start vomiting, this could be several things. lacerated bowel, gall stones, pollops, impaction and strain blood release. Go see the Dr the longer u wait the more expensive it will be. GO TO THE DR, DO NOT CHECK YOUR BUDGET%26lt; GO TO THE DR, Hospital if neccessary.

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