Sunday, October 25, 2009

What could cause the apperance of "gunk" on the spleen and lungs in a CT test?

My friend's dad had a CT done on his shoulder and they noticed a dark substance on his spleen and spots of the same thing on his lungs. His doctors do not know what it is and his white blood cell count was fine so cancer was ruled out. They have been to the doctor numerous times and to the hospital but the small town they live in there is not alot of options and he feels since he does not feel sick he is giving up finding out what it is. My friend is very worried and I was hoping someone might have an idea as to where I could look for information to what could be causing it. Thanks in advance.
the question doesn't make sense. if they did a ct san of the shoulder, they would not have been able to see spots on the lungs and spleen. did he have a whole body ct scan?
It could be sarcoidosis, which is not cancer (it is an autoimmune disease), but can certainly be a very dangerous condition if left untreated.I cannot believe that they took one blood test and declared victory. That is unconscionably reckless. If I were this guy, I'd have them do a fine needle biopsy of the spleen or at the very least a very thorough set of blood tests and have a pathologst look at the white cells under a microscope...just because the cell count is in the right range doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with the cells themselves!

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