Sunday, October 25, 2009

What can I do to stimulate my right and left brain?

To make me work more intellectually.
Soduko, and Brain Puzzles work easier for a shorter answer as well.
Your left brain handles logic and reasoning, your right the artistic and creative.Logic games like sudoku are great for sharpening the left. As to the right, get someone to present you with a picture, upside down. Try to copy the picture, without looking at it the right way up. When you've finished, turn the orignal around and you'll be surprised at how accurate your copy is. It really make the right brain "kick in" and I think you'll be surprised at how accurately you have reproduced the original picture.
Apparently, this works by your right brain causing you to draw what you actually see and not what the left brain thinks you see.
In order to stimulate my brain to make me work better, I usually drink a cup of coffee every morning. If you do not have any problem or so regarding coffee, I suggest you to drink coffee every morning because coffee is also known as stimulant and so it helps to stimulate more electric impulses in your brain, which helps you to work more intellectually. If you don't want to drink coffee, you can also try to eat other food like walnut, salmon, almond, and lots of fruits like papaya, cantaloupe, apple, etc.

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