Sunday, October 25, 2009

What are the risks of using contact lenses that have expired?

They are sealed "monthly" lenses. And only recently expired (like, last month) And I just HATE to throw away something new...Will I get an eye infection? The ebola? The bubonic plague? What will happen to me?????
The expiration dates are mandated by the FDA. If the expiration date was only one month ago, but the product was still completely sealed, don't be worried. They are ok to wear as long as they have been sealed the entire time. If they were one year expired, I would say don't risk it, but one month is ok.
Well maybe eye infection or blind that could damage your eye so bad!!
I suppose there is a risk of infection. Apparently daily and montly lenses are made of the same stuff so you can just buy daily lenses and keep them in solution for a month.
you could really screw your eyes up. I messed around a lot with contacts before I had laser surgery. Just be careful. lol, bo bubonic plague. Maybe just mad cow disease.
Eye Contacts are still medication in a way. You could get an eye infection or it could effect your eye sight. Throw them away.
Monthly lenses tend to disintegrate quickly, hence the disposable part.As for the fact that they expired, I wouldn't worry about throwing them away, and the most you can get is eye irritation. If it starts to be irritating, then you can throw it away.
I have no medical answers! But I can give my opinion, if it were me I would still use them! If it began to irritate my eye or anything out of the ordinary, I woud take it out and use a newer pair! I have done so in the past and it hasn't caused any problems for me!
Good luck, if you're still concerned, throw them out! I'm just saying what I would do!
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